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NAVEGUE TEMPORADA is a unique search portal for boat rental, it´s unique purpose is to shorten the gap between the people and the sea. Here you will find a great listing of boats avaiable to charter in a user friendly environment, making life easier for those wishing to go on a boat trip, also enabling a safe and fast comunication between you and boat owners.

Our main goal is to spread the culture and custom of renting boats, being at sea is something that most people have have only dreamed about. NAVEGUE TEMPORADA is making boat rental easy and your dream closer to reality. A truly unique experience, a day sailing through the islands, a glistering sunset, or just take a day off!

We know that on average boat owners only use their boats for 20% of the year.

Offset your costs, Earn money with your boat!

All you have to do is add your boat and we make the investment to bring more and more bookings to you.

As we are growing we can also offer great deals! The safest way to keep a boat is by having it insured. Find the best insurance at the lowest costs! Here you may also find a list of seasoned skippers to help you take care of your boat!


N T Publicidade, Divulgação e Participações LTDA Rua Tocantins 107 São Francisco, Niterói / RJ CNPJ 18.532.271/0001-53 - 21 98814-3600 / contato@naveguetemporada.com.br